Qorvo: Amplifier: TQP3M9041

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Amplifier, Low Noise, 2.3- 4.0 GHz, 22.5 dBm, 18 dB, 0.77 dB NF, QFN
Manufacturer: Qorvo
Status: Standard
Data Sheet: TQP3M9041 Data Sheet
RoHS Compliance: Qorvo, TQP3M9041, Amplifier, Amplifier, Low Noise, 2.3- 4.0 GHz, 22.5 dBm, 18 dB, 0.77 dB NF, QFN (Rohs Compliant), RFMW Ltd (RFMW) Yes
Frequency Min:
2.3 GHz
Frequency Max:
4 GHz
22.5 dBm
18 dB
38 dBm
Noise Figure:
0.77 dB
Supply Voltage \ Vd:
4.35 V
Quiescent Current \ Id:
57 mA
QFN 4x4mm
LNA - Low Noise
Also Available
Part FunctionPart NumberDescription
Evaluation Board TQP3M9041-PCB Qorvo Evaluation board for TQP3M9041
Complementary Product TQP3M9039 Qorvo Amplifier, Low Noise, 50-1500 MHz, 21.5 dBm, 18.1 dB, 0.5 dB NF, QFN
Complementary Product TQP3M9040 Qorvo Amplifier, Low Noise, 1.5- 2.3 GHz, 20.8 dBm, 18 dB, 0.54 dB NF, QFN
Qorvo, Amplifier, TQP3M9041, RFMW Ltd (RFMW)
The TriQuint TQP3M9041 is a high linearity, ultra low noise figure, dual device amplifier in a 4x4 mm package. At 1.95 GHz in a balanced configuration, the LNA provides 18.4 dB gain, 20 dBm IIP3 and 0.80 dB noise figure. The part does not require a negative supply for operation and is bias adjustable for both drain current and voltage. The device is housed in a green/RoHS-compliant industry standard QFN package.

The TQP3M9041 consists of a single monolithic GaAs E-pHEMT die and  integrates bias circuitry as well as shut-down capability allowing the LNA to be useful for both FDD and TDD applications.  TriQuint's TQP3M9041 is optimized for the 2.4 -4.0 GHz band, but can be used outside of the band. TriQuint offers pin-compatible dual LNAs for the 0.7-1.0 GHz band (TQP3M9039) and 1.5-2.3 GHz (TQP3M9040). The balanced amplifier is optimized for high performance receivers in wireless infrastructure and can be used for base-station transceivers or tower mounted amplifiers.
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