Qorvo: RF Power Amplifier Module: TQF9088

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QUANTUM Tx™ Dual-Band WCDMA / LTE / GPRS SP6T Transmit Module
Manufacturer: Qorvo
Status: Standard
Data Sheet: TQF9088 Data Sheet
RoHS Compliance: No
The advanced dual-band (Broadband Tx) Transmit Module designed for WCDMA/GSM mobile handset applica¬tions provides full RF transmit functionality in a size of only 30 mm2. The GSM850/900 and DCS/PCS power amplifier blocks including power control are combined with a low insertion loss switch, Tx harmonics filtering, integrated switch decoder, two Rx ports, two TRx ports, and ESD protection. This architecture eliminates the need for any PA-to-switch design effort for phone designers. Up to two bands of WCDMA or LTE operation is supported by TRx ports and both Tx and TRx ports are frequency independent, allowing flexible routing to the transceiver. The module supports GPRS class 12 operation and provides 50 Ohms input and output impedances at all RF input and output ports. The module control inputs are CMOS compatible and have no need for an external reference voltage. With excellent efficiency performance in each band, the power amplifier and switch module contributes to overall talk-time targets in next generation mobile handset designs.

  • Ultra compact size – 5.0x6.0x1.0mm
  • High system efficiency
  • GSM850/900 50%
  • DCS/PCS 43%
  • Integrated Power and SP6T Control
  • Integrated SP6T Switch with two WCDMA/LTE Tx/Rx Ports
  • Free choice of Rx ports for band selection
  • Integrated low pass Tx harmonics filter
  • Positive supply voltage 3.0 to 4.5 V
  • 50 ohm input and output impedances
  • CMOS compatible module control inputs
  • High-reliability InGaP HBT technology
  • Ruggedness 20:1
  • 260 C RoHS compliant
  • Pricing
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