Telemakus, LLC: Test and Measurement: T-HUB4-1

Test and Measurement, Test and Measurement, RFMW

USB Hub, 4 Output Ports, External Supply, Locking USB Connectors
Manufacturer: Telemakus, LLC
Status: Standard
Data Sheet: T-HUB4-1 Data Sheet
RoHS Compliance: No
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Complementary Product T-CABLE-3 Telemakus, LLC Cable, USB male to female, 3 feet
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Telemakus, LLC, Test and Measurement, T-HUB4-1, RFMW Ltd (RFMW)
The T-HUB4-1 is the perfect complement to the Telemakus test devices. It extends your computers' USB port to an additional 3 ports. Disconnecting your computer from the powered USB hub leaves all Telemakus devices in their existing state. Nothing changes unless power to the hub is lost or you reconnect your computer to update the device status.

The T-HUB-1 includes:
USB Input:         Micro B (1 each)
USB Outputs:         Standard A (4 each)
USB 2.0 compliant
Input cable supplied with each unit
No mounting holes
External 5V supply not included

Mechanical Details
1 - 49 $72.50
Available: 1
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