Telemakus, LLC: Test and Measurement: TES7000-50

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Switch, SPDT, 50 - 7000MHz, SMA Coax to USB, w/3 ft. USB Cable
Manufacturer: Telemakus, LLC
Status: Standard
Data Sheet: TES7000-50 Data Sheet
RoHS Compliance: No
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Telemakus, LLC, Test and Measurement, TES7000-50, RFMW Ltd (RFMW)
The TES7000-50 is a Laboratory-quality, RF SPDT Switch with 50dB isolation and only 3dB insertion loss at 4GHz. The switch is non-reflective and the smallest USB microwave switch available. Priced significantly below the current market offerings, the TES7000-50 has a menu selectable pulse function where the pulse width and period can be set from 250nS to 8.0S. Custom pulse configurations available from factory.

Connector configuration allows the switch to be easily cascaded with our other Telemakus control products.

Applications include switching between two RF sources or loads and pulse modulation for amplifier testing.

A Telemakus approved 3 foot, USB male to female cable is included with this device. Additional cables are available as part number T-CABLE-3.
1 - 9 $470.00
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