Telemakus, LLC: Test and Measurement: TEG26500-5

Test and Measurement, Test and Measurement, RFMW

Signal Generator, 24 - 26.5 GHz, K connector to USB, 5 dBm Output typ., w/3 ft. USB Cable
Manufacturer: Telemakus, LLC
Status: Standard
Data Sheet: TEG26500-5 Data Sheet
RoHS Compliance: No
Also Available
Part FunctionPart NumberDescription
Complementary Product K220B ANRITSU COMPANY RF Adapter, DC to 40 GHz, K(m) to K(m), 50 ohm
Complementary Product K224B ANRITSU COMPANY RF Adapter, DC to 40 GHz, K(m) to K(f), 50 ohm
Complementary Product T-CABLE-3 Telemakus, LLC Cable, USB male to female, 3 feet
Telemakus, LLC, Test and Measurement, TEG26500-5, RFMW Ltd (RFMW)
Telemakus devices can be used as separate components to enhance or replace existing test equipment. Or, they can be used together to create an entire test system.

With Signal Generators, Vector Modulators, Power Meters, Step Attenuators and Switches, it's possible to construct complex ATE stations including multi-tone testing and "virtual" scalar analyzers. Click here to view a video on the operation and features of the Telemakus Signal Generators using the TEG2700-6 as an example.

A Telemakus approved 3 foot, USB male to female cable is included with this device. Additional cables are available as part number T-CABLE-3.

Visit the Telemakus Gateway Page for more information (Data Sheets, Application information, FAQs, etc).
Note, for Millimeter Wave products, Telemakus recommends the use of high performance 2.92mm adapters to protect the RF input and prevent inadvertant damage from loose tolerance SMA components.
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