Skyworks Solutions, Inc.: Amplifier: SKY65376-11

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Amplifier, Low Noise, Variable Gain, 2.5-2.57GHz, 40dB, 16-pin MCM
Manufacturer: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Status: Standard
Data Sheet: SKY65376-11 Data Sheet
RoHS Compliance: Skyworks Solutions, Inc., SKY65376-11, Amplifier, Amplifier, Low Noise, Variable Gain, 2.5-2.57GHz, 40dB, 16-pin MCM (Rohs Compliant), RFMW Ltd (RFMW) Yes
Frequency Min:
2.5 GHz
Frequency Max:
2.57 GHz
40 dB
Noise Figure:
1.1 dB
MCM-16 4x4
LNA - Low Noise
Skyworks Solutions, Inc., Amplifier, SKY65376-11, RFMW Ltd (RFMW)
The Skyworks SKY65376-11 is a variable gain Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) with an active bias and high linearity performance. The first stage of the device is comprised of an LNA with a bypass switch that is followed by a high linearity driver amplifier, a variable voltage attenuator, and a high linearity power amplifier. This module architecture provides excellent return loss, low noise, and high linearity performance.
The internal active bias circuitry ensures repeatable performance over temperature. The device is fully integrated and requires
minimal external components.
The SKY65376-11 is manufactured in a compact, 8 x 8 mm, 16-pin Multi-Chip Module (MCM) package.
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