Skyworks Solutions, Inc.: RF Switch: SKY12209-478LF

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RF Switch, SPDT, 0.9 to 4 GHz, 0.43 dB IL, 35-40 dB Isolation, 40 W, PIN
Manufacturer: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Status: Standard
Data Sheet: SKY12209-478LF Data Sheet
RoHS Compliance: Skyworks Solutions, Inc., SKY12209-478LF, RF Switch, RF Switch, SPDT, 0.9 to 4 GHz, 0.43 dB IL, 35-40 dB Isolation, 40 W, PIN (Rohs Compliant), RFMW Ltd (RFMW) Yes
Frequency Range Min:
900 MHz
Frequency Range Max:
4000 MHz
Insertion Loss Min:
0.3 dB
Insertion Loss Max:
0.3 dB
Isolation Max:
40 dB
Power Rating:
46 dBm
76 dBm
QFN 4x4mm
Also Available
Part FunctionPart NumberDescription
Evaluation Board SKY12209-478LF_EVB Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Eval Board for SKY12209-478LF
Complementary Product SKY12208-478LF Skyworks Solutions, Inc. RF Switch, SPDT, 0.02 to 0.7 GHz, 0.2 to 0.4 dB IL, 42 to 48 dB Isolation, 47 dBm Pwr Rating, , Si PIN
Complementary Product SKY12210-478LF Skyworks Solutions, Inc. RF Switch, SPDT, 0.9-4.0 GHz, 100 W, Silicon PIN Diode
Complementary Product SKY12212-478LF Skyworks Solutions, Inc. RF Switch, SPDT, 50 to 2700 MHz, 0.3 dB IL, 45 dB Isolation, 100W Pwr Handling, QFN 4x4mm
Complementary Product SKY12213-478LF Skyworks Solutions, Inc. RF Switch, SPST, 500 to 6000 MHz, 0.3 dB IL, 30 dB Isolation, 150W Pwr Handling, QFN 4x4mm
The SKY12209-478LF is a high power handling, Single-Pole, Double-Throw (SPDT) silicon PIN diode switch with symmetrical switching paths from a single common port. The device operates over the 0.9 GHz to 4.0 GHz band. It features low insertion loss, excellent power handling, and superb linearity with low DC power consumption. The SKY12209-478LF is well-suited for use as a high power transmit/receive and RF path switch in a variety of telecommunication systems such as WiMAX, TD-SCDMA, or LTE base stations. The device is provided in a 4 x 4 mm, 16-pin Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package.
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