Qorvo: RF Switch: RFSW2100

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RF Switch, SPDT, 0.03 - 6 GHz, 0.39 dB IL, 45W, GaN
Manufacturer: Qorvo
Status: Obsolete
Data Sheet: RFSW2100 Data Sheet
RoHS Compliance: Qorvo, RFSW2100, RF Switch, RF Switch, SPDT, 0.03 - 6 GHz, 0.39 dB IL, 45W, GaN (Rohs Compliant), RFMW Ltd (RFMW) Yes
Frequency Range Min:
30 MHz
Frequency Range Max:
6000 MHz
Insertion Loss Min:
0.39 dB
Insertion Loss Max:
0.39 dB
Isolation Max:
39 dB
Power Rating:
46.5 dBm
72 dBm
QFN 3x3mm
Also Available
Part FunctionPart NumberDescription
Complementary Product RFSW2100D Qorvo RF Switch
Qorvo, RF Switch, RFSW2100, RFMW Ltd (RFMW)
The RFSW2100 is a GaN-on-SiC high power discrete RF switch designed for military and commercial wireless infrastructure, industrial/scientific/medical and general purpose broadband RF control and switching applications. Using an advanced high power density Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor process, the RFSW2100 is able to achieve low insertion loss and high isolation with better than 10dB return loss across a wide band from 30MHz to 6GHz within a miniature package with proper heat sinking and assembly. The RFSW2100 is an SPDT RF switch suitable for many applications with 45W CW input power compression capability under controlled conditions, VSWR (3:1) and 25°C TCASE as well as <0.4dB insertion loss, and >39 dB small signal isolation at 2GHz.

For additional application information, please review the Microwave Journal article: RFMD GaN Switches Enable Hot Switching at Higher Power
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