Aeroflex / Metelics (MACOM): RF Switch: MSW2062-206

RF Switch, Amplifiers, Passives, Control Components, Signal Generation, Test and Measurement, Discrete Semiconductor, Design Kit, RFMW

RF Switch, SPDT, 2 - 6 GHz, 0.5 dB IL, 40 dB Isolation, 50 dBm Pwr Handling, SMT
Manufacturer: Aeroflex / Metelics (MACOM)
Status: Standard
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RoHS Compliance: Aeroflex / Metelics (MACOM), MSW2062-206, RF Switch, RF Switch, SPDT, 2 - 6 GHz, 0.5 dB IL, 40 dB Isolation, 50 dBm Pwr Handling, SMT (Rohs Compliant), RFMW Ltd (RFMW) Yes
Frequency Range Min:
2000 MHz
Frequency Range Max:
6000 MHz
Insertion Loss Min:
0.5 dB
Insertion Loss Max:
0.5 dB
Isolation Max:
40 dB
Power Rating:
50 dBm
65 dBm
Also Available
Part FunctionPart NumberDescription
Evaluation Board MSW2062-206-EVAL Aeroflex / Metelics (MACOM) Eval Board for MSW2062-206
Complementary Product MPD2T5N200-702 Aeroflex / Metelics (MACOM) RF Switch Driver, MSW206x series switches
Complementary Product MSW2060-206 Aeroflex / Metelics (MACOM) RF Switch, SPDT, 20-1000 MHz, 0.2 dB IL, 55 dB Isolation, 50 dBm Pwr Handling, SMT
Complementary Product MSW2061-206 Aeroflex / Metelics (MACOM) RF Switch, SPDT, 0.4 - 4 GHz, 0.4 dB IL, SMT, PIN Diode Switch
Aeroflex / Metelics (MACOM), RF Switch, MSW2062-206, RFMW Ltd (RFMW)

The MSW2062-206 Series of Surface Mount Silicon PIN Diode SP2T Switches is manufactured using Aeroflex/Metelics proven hybrid manufacturing process incorporating High Voltage PIN Diodes and passive devices integrated within a ceramic substrate. This low profile, compact, surface mount component, ( 8mm L x 5mm W x 2.5 mm H) offers superior low and high signal performance to comparable MMIC devices in QFN packages. The SP2T switches are designed in a symmetrical topology to optimize Insertion Loss and Isolation performance.

Using PIN Diodes with lower thermal resistance (< 10 ºC/W), RF C.W. incident power levels of +50 dBm and RF peak incident power levels of + 57 dBm are very achievable in higher power cold and hot switching applications @ + 85 º C. The lower PIN Diode series resistance (< 1.0 Ω), coupled with the longer minority carrier lifetime, ( > 3 μS ), provides better IIP3 distortion values > +65 dBm.

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