MiniRF, Inc.: RF Power Divider/Splitter: MRFSP0012

RF Power Divider/Splitter, Passives, Control Components, Test and Measurement, Design Kit

RF Splitter, 4-way, 5-1002 MHz, SMT
Manufacturer: MiniRF, Inc.
Status: Standard
Data Sheet: MRFSP0012 Data Sheet
RoHS Compliance: MiniRF, Inc., MRFSP0012, RF Power Divider/Splitter, RF Splitter, 4-way, 5-1002 MHz, SMT (Rohs Compliant), RFMW Ltd (RFMW) Yes
Frequency Min:
5 MHz
Frequency Max:
1002 MHz
Power Handling:
2 W
Insertion Loss:
0.75 dB
25 dB
Amplitude Balance:
0.1 ±dB
Phase Imbalance:
1 °
MiniRF, Inc., RF Power Divider/Splitter, MRFSP0012, RFMW Ltd (RFMW)
The MiniRF MRFSP0012 4-way, 75 ohm, Splitter is designed for applications that require small, low cost, and highly reliable surface mount components. With a frequency range of 5 to 1002MHz, applications may be found in broadband, wireless and other communications systems. These units are built Lead-Free and RoHS compliant. S-Parameters are available on request.
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1000 - 4999 $2.64
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