Qorvo: RF Power Amplifier Module: RF7225

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Amplifier, Module, 0.824 - 0.849 GHz, 28 dBm, 30 dB, 10 pin 3mm x 3mm module
Manufacturer: Qorvo
Status: Obsolete
Data Sheet: RF7225 Data Sheet
RoHS Compliance: Qorvo, RF7225, RF Power Amplifier Module, Amplifier, Module, 0.824 - 0.849 GHz, 28 dBm, 30 dB, 10 pin 3mm x 3mm module (Rohs Compliant), RFMW Ltd (RFMW) Yes
Frequency Min:
0.824 GHz
Frequency Max:
0.849 GHz
P1dB Typ. :
28 dBm
30 dB
V d:
6 V
I d:
450 mA
Power Added Efficiency:
41 %
10 pin 3mm x 3mm module
The RF7225 is a high-power, high-efficiency, linear power amplifier designed for use as the final RF amplifier in 3V, 50Ω W-CDMA mobile cellular equipment and spread-spectrum systems. This PA is developed for UMTS Band 5 which operates in the 824MHz to 849MHz frequency band. The RF7225 has two digital control pins to select one of three power modes to optimize performance and current drain at lower power levels. The part also has an integrated directional coupler which eliminates the need for an external discrete coupler at the output. The RF7225 is fully HSDPA and HSPA+ compliant and is assembled in a 10-pin, 3mmx3mm module.

  • HSDPA and HSPA+ Compliant
  • Low Voltage Positive Bias Supply (3.0V to 4.35V)
  • +28.0dBm Linear Output Power (+26.5dBm HSDPA)
  • High Efficiency Operation
    • 41% at POUT=+28.0dBm
    • 22% at POUT=+18.0dBm
    • 11% at POUT=+10.0dBm
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