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Digital Pre-Distortion Anti Aliasing Filters

Sangshin DPD FiltersThese ceramic monoblock filters target Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) applications where anti-aliasing filters are required to improve system performance. Sangshin offers a complete line of filters with bandwidths of 400MHz, 360MHz, and 300MHz in all popular cellular frequencies. The MBP56RC2N2590C400A has a center frequency of 2590MHz with a 400MHz band width and offers 30dB of rejection at 2290MHz. Bandpass insertion loss is only 3dB and the MBP56RC2N2590C400A can handle up to 1W CW of RF power. The MBP56RC2N2590C400A is housed in a compact 30mm x 8mm x 6mm package. This Sangshin DPD filter is also available with a 300MHz BW (MBP56RC2N2590C300A) and a 360MHz BW (MBP56RC2N2590C360A) with comparable specifications. DPD filters for additional center frequencies are listed in an interactive DPD matrix.

Sangshin Introduces ADS-B / UAT / TCAS Filters

Sangshin MBP44RC978S05C TCAS filterSangshin Elecom announces a suite of monoblock Filters for ADS-B / UAT / TCAS applications. These filters are designed with a common footprint allowing for increased design flexibility. The MBP44RC978S05C, MBP44RC1030S15C and MBP44RC1090S15C all offer excellent performance and stability in a small, cost effective package. Sangshin filters can be quickly and easily modified to a variety of specification configurations based on specific customer requirements.

Searching for a WiMAX RF Filter?

Look at Sangshin's selection of 2.3, 2.5, 3.5 and 5.xGHz WiMAX Filters

Sangshin WiMAX Filters

GPS Filters for Multiple Applications

GPS bandpass or GPS notch filters - Sangshin has both. Single filters, diplexers or triplexers, let us help with your requirements.

New notch filters:

For more filters, please review ourMicrowave Filter parametric search tool

Need a low cost Synthesizer?

Sangshin has a wide selection of VCO+PLL synthesizers featuring high performance and low cost.

Sangshin Synthesizer Brochure

Looking for help with your Antenna design?

Sangshin offers Ceramic and Chip Antennas for GPS, WiFi, SDARS, INMARSAT, etc. From 400MHz to over 2.5GHz

Sangshin Antenna Overview

Download the Latest Sangshin Capabilities Brochure (6MB)

A summary of Sangshin Elecom’s product offering includes a complete lineup of the following:

  • TEM Mode Dielectric Resonators: 2mm-12mm, 300MHz -6GHz, High Q, Excellent Stability
  • LC Filters: 4MHz – 360MHz, Available in Diplexer, Duplexer, High Pass, Low Pass, and Band Elimination
  • Dielectric Resonator Filters / Duplexers: 400MHz – 3.5GHz, 2-12 poles, 2mm-12mm topology
  • Monoblock Filters / Duplexers: 800MHz - 6.5 GHz, Small Size, Cost Effective, Excellent Performance
  • Cavity Filters / Duplexers / Multiplexers: Up to 15GHz
  • Patch Antennas: SMT and Pin Type Available, 900MHz -2.5GHz, High Gain, Low Profile
  • Active Antennas:
  • Smart Antennas:
  • RFID Metal Tag Antennas:
  • Rod Antennas:


  • Low Cost Manufacturing Capability
  • Production Lead Times: 4-6 wks
  • Sample Lead Times: 2-4 wks
  • Business Model Focuses on Designing to Customer Specifications
  • High Volume and Small Volume Manufacturing Capability
  • ISO/TS Certified insures High Quality
  • Quick Concept to Specification Design Turnaround
  • Local Support for Sales, Logistics and Technology in North America from RFMW, Ltd.