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Reinventing the Transmit Chain for Next-Generation Multimode Wireless Devices

ParkerVision White Paper Upcoming generations of radio access standards are placing high demands on the RF transmit chain, requiring significant improvements in size, integration, and functionality while improving power efficiency for multimode wireless devices. To date, trends in RF integration have been to add redundant circuits to accommodate new standards, packing more complexity into the circuit, and then shrinking it. However, this approach often requires a necessary compromise in performance and yield, with physical limits in terms of overall size reductions. Review this white paper on a new approach that incorporates a streamlined architecture to accommodate the additional levels of complexity due to multimode functionality, while improving efficiency, yield, and size, and meeting regulatory compliance.

ParkerVision PVD5870 Application Note

This ParkerVision application note addresses two common questions regarding the PV line of demodulator/modulators.

  • Use of non-sinusoid LO
  • Operation with single ended LO.

It is written for the PVD5870, but is equally applicable to the 5871, 4840, and 4841.