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Scintera Advantages

Scintera offers significant advantages over traditional DPD and RF Backoff

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Reduces Overall BOM Costs
  • Reduces PCB and Overall System Size
  • Lower Power Consumption of System
  • Industry Trends Favor Smaller, More Efficient, Highly Integrated Solutions (RFPAL)

Scintera Offers 20dB ACLR Improvement

Scintera SC1894 Improves Linearity

Improved linearity, improved efficiency with RFPAL. High efficiency designs are enabled by the RFPAL solution providing benefits like:

  • RFPAL consumes ~1W vs. DPD > 5W
  • Up to 4x better PA efficiency vs. back-off
  • 6-8 month design-in (RFPAL) vs. 18 months (DPD)
    • Highly integrated, adaptive, plug-and-play solution
  • Any process technology, architecture or frequency
    • LDMOS, GaAs, GaN, InGaP – Doherty, Class A/AB
    • 168MHz – 3800MHz (any uW frequency using an IF)
  • Any protocol
    • TD & FD Cellular, Microwave ≤ 1024-QAM, Digital Broadcast