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Qorvo (RFMD)

RFMD in the NEWS

GaN Powers High Speed Wireline Networks
GaN technology supports wireline infrastructure with higher efficiency.
Microwave Journal 

RFMD GaN Switches Enable Hot Switching at Higher Power
This article highlights the advantages of GaN technology's high power and rugged capability. 
Microwave Journal

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Wideband GaN Power Amplifiers for Software-Defined Radios
By David Aichele and Karthik Krishnamurthy was published in the May, 2011 issue of Microwave Product Digest.

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 RFSA2013 and RFSA2023 Broadband High Performance Voltage-Controlled Attenuators
By Darrin Walraven was published in the June, 2011 issue of Microwave Product Digest.

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Wideband Low Noise Amplifiers for 3.3 Volt Operation

Published in the September 2010 issue of Microwave Product Digest, this article covers the critical system parameters in the implementation of low noise amplifiers in radio recievers.

Next-Generation, GaN-based Power Amplifiers for Radar Applications

Published in the Jan, 2009 issue of Microwave Product Digest, this article covers advancements in Radar technology and compares various amplifier technologies. It highlights the RF3928, 300W S-Band amplifier and future developoment of 500W L-band devices.

Brochures Available for Download

2013 / 2014 RFMD Product Selection Guide

RFMD's broad portfolio of high-performance RF components for diverse applications and markets.

RFMD Selector Guide 2012

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RFMD VCO and PLL Product Selection Guide

A multipage catalog showing a comprehensive listing of existing VCO and PLL Synthesizer Products and their associated packaging.

RFMD VCOs and PLL Synthesizers

Download the Brochure (2.3MB File)

RFMD Introduces Wide-Band GaAs MMIC Distributed Amplifiers to 35GHz

A one page introduction to RFMD's directly coupled GaAs MMIC distributed amplifiers operating up to 35GHz.

RFMD Distributed Amplifiers

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RFMD High-Power GaN Power ICs (PIC)

RFMD's GaN Power ICs (PICs) are wideband power amplifiers designed for continuous wave and pulsed applications such as military communications, electronic warfare, wireless infrastructure, radar, two-way radios, and general purpose amplification.


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RFMD Smart Energy Product Selection Guide

This one page flyer gives an overview of RFMD's 2.4 and sub-GHz Front End Modules for AMI and ZigBee applications.

RFMD Selector Guide 2012

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RFMW offers RFMD Amplifier Designers Kit

RFMD Amp Designers Kit

Featuring 30 different LNAs, Gain Blocks, Buffer and Driver Amplifiers, this kit includes unpopulated evaluation boards for quick and easy prototyping.

To review the contents of this kit and links to the data sheets, see the selection table or contact your local RFMW salesperson.

RFMD Integrated RF Synthesizer and VCO with Mixers for RF Front Ends

Designed to reduce the development time, risk and solution size of RF front end circuits in modern radios, the RF205x family of products from RFMD provides a highly integrated, yet flexible solution. These devices use a unique system partitioning-a vertical slice through an RF section-that combines a high-performance fractional-N PLL, low phase noise VCOs, LO buffers and high-linearity RF mixers.

RF205X Brochure (1MB)
RF250X Family Application Note: Matching Circuits and Baluns
RF205X Frequency Synthesizer User Guide
White Paper: A New Level of Integration in RF Components Article

RFMD GaN Amp information

RFMW White Papers

Compact L- and S-Band GaN High Power Amplifiers

This white paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of competing PA technologies for radar applications and shows how GaN amplifiers are shaping the future of radar. A follow up section discusses specific GaN solutions in current production as well as proposed solutions for future development.

Wideband 400W Pulsed Power GaN HEMT Amplifiers

A white paper provides details on the development of a 2.9 to 3.5 GHz GaN HEMP amplifier with 400 W pulsed output power. Overcoming the difficulties of designing for broad band operation are discussed.