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MwT (Microwave Technology Inc- An IXYS Company)

MwT offers crosses to Excelics Semiconductor Transistors

MwT offers cross reference parts to Excelics Semiconductors thereby supporting a transition to commercially available products. The table below shows MwT recommendations for replacement of Excelics devices.

MwT Recommendation Excelics Part Number
MwT-4 EFA018A
MwT-7 or MwT-3 EFA025A
MwT-7 or MwT-3 EFA025AL
MwT-2 or MwT-15 EFA060B
MwT-6 or MwT-9 or MwT-16 EFA080A
MwT-8 EFA120A
MwT-11 EFA240B
MwT-2 or MwT-15 EFC060B
MwT-11 EFC240B
MwT-PH4 or MwT-PH7 or MwT-PH5 EPA018A
MwT-PH15 or MwT-PH9 EPA060B
MwT-PH16 EPA090A
MwT-PH8 or MwT-PH16 EPA120E
MwT-PH11 EPA240B
MwT-LN180 EPB018A5

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