Frequency Doubler

  • Manufacturers

  • Frequency Min (GHz)

    Min Value 27, Max Value 76

  • Frequency Max (GHz)

    Min Value 32, Max Value 77

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Search Filter Help

General Help

  • How to apply one search filter at a time.
    To apply one filter at a time, first find the filter that matters most to you. Each filter looks like the image below and corresponds to a column in the grid. Each filter may differ a little on how they work and look, for more on filter behavior see the filter help section below.

    Search Filter

    Once the value is entered or selected, click the apply filters button.

  • How to apply multiple search filters simultaneously.
    Applying multiple search filters is the same as applying one, the only difference is that you select or enter values for multiple filters before you click the Apply Filters button. The image below depicts applying 2 filters.

    List Search Filter Numeric Search Filter

    Note: When applying multiple filters, you may filter out all of your results. This doesn’t mean that there is not a part that will fit your needs, it only means that this is not a regular stocked part. Try submitting a Technical Inquiry we might be able to fit your needs.

  • How to scroll through the filters.
    The two arrows on each end of the search filter list will scroll the list to the right or left. You can use the scrolling arrows to see more filters or go back to previous filters.

  • How to remove a filter.
    You can clear one filter at time. Please see the filter help section on how to do this or you can clear all filters by clicking the clear all filters button.

Filter Help

Our Specification Search contains 3 different kinds of filters and each act a little different.

  • Manufacturers Filter
    This filter is to allow you to select different manufactures. This filter may not be present if there is only one manufacturer.

    Manufacturer Search Filter

    • To select multiple manufacturers hold down the control key while selecting.
    • To remove this filter you just select all manufacturers in the list and click the apply filters button.

  • List Filter

    This filter is a list of unique text items in the products grid and looks like the image below.

    List Search Filter

    • Only one Item in each filter list can be selected
    • To remove this filter select All “Filter Name”, in this case it’s All Supply Ttypes, then click the apply filters button.

  • Numeric Filter

    This filter is for numeric columns in the products grid and looks like the image below. The numeric filter has a 2 part math operator and value.

    Numeric Search Filter

    The value field is a numeric field and all units should be left off. The min and max values are listed below the value text box. Once you start typing a number in, the auto suggest will dropdown with actual values that are in the grid. See the image below.
    Numeric Auto suggest Filter

    • There are 6 operators
      • About (≈) equal, which is any value between plus and minus 10% of the inputted value.
      • Equal (=), which is any value equal to the inputted value.
      • Not Equal (≠), any value but the inputted value.
      • Less Than (<), is any less than the imputed value.
      • Greater Than (>), is any greater than the imputed value.
      • Between, which when selected will display two text boxes the first on the left will be the min and the one on the right will be the max value. This will match all values greater than the min but yet less than the max. The image below shows the between filter operator.

      Numeric between  Filter

    • To remove numeric filters you can clear the text box and click the Apply Filters button.